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Please take your time to read this.

This is Lizzie. She has a brain tumor and currently gets surgery almost everyday. She is only 4 years old and she just has ONE BIG DREAM. To meet Justin Bieber!

Now I know Tumblr can make people their dreams come true. I know we can help this girl making her dream come true.

Please reblog this and spread the world. It only takes 5 seconds for you and it could make a dream come true.

Well, I’m crying :(

DaayOnee ; Fivee Ways Too Win MYheart ;
  1. Noticeee Thee Little Thingss Abouut ME ; 
  2. Tell ME How YOU feel , im Not Psychic Idk Wtf YO heaart Does; 
  3. Bee Theere Wheen i Need Someeone ;
  4. Sleep With ME on Thee Phone Lol ( Thaats A Weird Onee ]
  5. Juust Bee Reaal i Dont Ask For MUCH ;

2 Tattoos Buut I Promisee Im Gettin Pleenty Moreee ;-*


If you’re feeling down about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend (or you know, being forever alone), this will definitely make you feel better <3

Lmfaooo ; Bitchh Waas Clingy & I Dont Do Clingy ; 

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