I Laughh ;
  • Wheen Peoplee Call Me Out My Namee ;
  • Wheen People Claim Theey Know Me , But Only Know My Name .
  • Wheen Bitchs Look Mee Upp & Down ;
  • Wheen People Stay Stupidd Shit ;
  • & Wheen Peoplee Text Me Likee Im Supposed To Give A fckk ;
REBLOG if your mixed ! (#TEAMMIXED ]

oh we dancing?! lol..

? Don't believe the hype.: I need new people to text.


So leave your number in my ask box. Of course I won’t post it because I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me. But read this first:

  • When you text me K or LOL don’t trip when I don’t respond because the fuck do I say to that?
  • Don’t hit me up first and then stop responding, that’s so stupid…


Reblog first then click the icon. You wont regret it.

Worlds Sexiest Guy Celebs


- M A R C Y Y . M A R C

- C H R i S . B R O W N

- T R E Y . S O N G Z

- K H A L i L

- M A C K . B A K E R

- J U S T i N . C O M B S

- T Y G A

Girls you’re beautiful no matter you’re color, race, size, height, stop letting people get to you you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.

killaabadd is whaat my naameplaate saays , beaautiful iss how i feelt < 3

thaat haair ;O

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